Sunday, December 19, 2010

How can you help?

I used to give money to charities like Oxfam, Amnesty International and also to political organisations like the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe. But I have discovered that getting actively involved and knowing that 100% of your money goes where it is intended is very satisfying.

The problem with aid is that it often encourages dependence. Swaziland depends on large handouts every year from various organisations to run its government when it should be doing more to combat misuse of funds, outright theft and corruption within government departments.

Who would argue though against paying directly for a young person's education like I am doing. Why do I pay so much money to individuals like Nhlanhla?

1) Because educating youth can never be a bad thing. He has become a role model in his community. Others aspire to be successful in their schooling like he has been.

2) Because I lived in Swaziland and adopted my son from there, I care about the people there.

3) Because I can make sure that when school fees are paid, the money goes directly to the institution. Nhlanhla manages his own finances for his daily needs.

4) He has shown that he is responsible. I know his parents and have been sponsoring him for five years.

I'll admit that there is real satisfaction in knowing that I have given him access to something most of us take for granted - being able to go to school.

So if you want to help (240 euros raised so far and offers of support still coming in), I will really appreciate it.